Web Hosting

The first step in choosing a web platform is the servers it runs on. Atlas Cloud has tried countless hosting companies all over the world for the past 20 years. We found that all shared hosting plans failed to deliver the performance and support our clients needed.  We wanted the control and performance of dedicated managed hosting without the cost. The solution – Atlas Cloud Power.

Everyone from Microsoft to Google is talking about the Cloud. Every major player is releasing their newest tech in the cloud. Cloud is here to stay.  How did we exploit the cloud?

Cloud Serving allows us to:

  • Double the size of a server with the click of a button
  • Backup entire servers via disk imaging, to be stored locally and replicated both inside and outside the data-centre
  • Instant disaster recovery, clone any server and deploy from any backup version


Cpanel Control PanelcPanel is the industry leader for turning standalone servers into a fully automated point-and-click hosting platform. Tedious tasks are replaced by web interfaces and API-based calls. cPanel is designed with multiple levels of administration including admin, reseller, end user, and email-based interfaces. These multiple levels provide security, ease of use, and flexibility for everyone from the server administrator to the email account user.

We control everything from the Apache Server Settings to the version of PHP.  And a key element of control is security.  The web is crawling with bad bots and hackers trying to steal your information and deface your website. With server level control of our web infrastructure we deployed the latest in performance and security enhancements.


Modsecurity for Apache Hosting

Every server your plan to host a CMS on should protect itself with Mod Security: http://www.modsecurity.org/

With over 70% of all attacks now carried out over the web application level, organizations need every help they can get in making their systems secure. Web application firewalls are deployed to establish an external security layer that increases security, detects, and prevents attacks before they reach web applications.

Mod Security allows you to catch hackers before they can wreak havoc on your system.

In addition to providing logging facilities, ModSecurity can monitor the HTTP traffic in real time in order to detect attacks. In this case ModSecurity operates as a web intrusion detection tool, allowing you to react to suspicious events that take place at your web systems.

Tired of being hacked? Secure yourself behind an Atlas Dedicated Secure Cloud Platform Today!