Shopify and Shopping Carts

Shopify and Shopping Carts: Solutions for selling on your website

How you sell your goods can have a big impact on your bottom line. We can offer a number of solutions, from customized sites using the Shopify framework, payment gateway carts (ie Paypal, ClickBank, 2Checkout), and simple order forms. When clients come to us with a project that cannot be created with a commercial shopping cart we can custom program one from scratch, however this does involve considerable expense. Alternative solutions are to customize commercial shopping carts or use a payment gateway service.

Customized Shopify Carts

Often the most cost effective solutions for a shopping cart is to take a standard commercial cart and modify it.

We find that Shopify is the best platform for this type of cart.

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Pros: Easy to setup, inexpensive, many features, modules, no testing time.

Cons: It can be tricky to have your own SSL and there are limits to things you can do.

Payment Gateway Carts

Many payment gateways come with HTML carts. PayPal, 2Checkout, and ClickBank all have integrated cart systems we can install on your website. These carts are very basic and are 100% manual. You will not be able to administer these carts without HTML and FTP knowledge. If you have a limited number of items (under 10) these carts are very fast to setup. If you have more then 10 items manual loading becomes a cumbersome chore, a dynamic system such as Miva is the better choice.

Order Forms

If you have a single item to sell and no cart is required, or custom variables must be collected then the solution for your site is an Order Form. Order forms are lightening fast and dead simple for visitors to use. All a client has to do is enter their billing information, credit card details, possibly check a few option boxes and hit SUBMIT. 90% of sales letter sites use Order Forms.