Data Security

Security is the critical part of any data center facility.

Our data center is both monitored and accessible 24/7 .

You are assured of secure monitored access to the facility, security camera recording, and proximity and bio-metric dual authentication. We also offer Remote Hands services including network and device monitoring. 

Secure Access



Due to the sensitive nature of the data stored by AtlasCloud, the physical facility is monitored 24/7.

Surveillance & Access

Video surveillance cameras are placed throughout the interior and exterior of the facility. Access control systems include mantrap doors, biometric scanners and key card security to prohibit unauthorized personnel from entering areas that are critical to data center operations.


All equipment and network switching is secured from physical access within a locked cage or equipment rack accessible only after passing through security. Upon entering or exiting the facility all equipment will be inspected by our on-site personnel. The data center facility and equipment is protected by automatic Fire Detection and Suppression systems without human intervention.