Power & Cooling

Power & Cooling Systems

AtlasCloud is powered by diverse power feeds and a high-availability power substations. Our computer controlled power switching offers automatic redundancy in the event of a failure. Atlas Cloud will offer a standard specification 42U rack bolted to a high load cement floor with a load capacity exceeding 200lbs per square feet.

In-row cooling modules with Rooftop air chillers support standard energy loads of 5kw per rack of peak load IT or Telecom equipment, with custom configurations available.


Uninterruptible Power

Our UPS systems maintain clean uninterruptible power to all servers throughout the facility. The UPS and DC battery systems are maintained on a routine schedule to ensure high availability. The redundant DC batteries provide an uninterruptable power supply of 100kw capacity to power the equipment and cooling units in case of a power disruption.

Power Generators

For extended power outages a diesel generator is connected to charge the UPS and can draw from a large day tank that can be refilled for unlimited durations.

Cooling System

AtlasCloud is equipped with in-row cooling units with variable fans for energy efficiency.