Reduce costs and protect your critical information and systems

From a single server to a custom enterprise cage, AtlasCloud offers colocation solutions for any organization.

We support any organization with added à la carte features that set us apart from other providers. Our goal is to offer value-added enterprise colocation to all of our clients. Alongside our practical pricing, AtlasCloud also has around the clock technicians, first class disaster-ready infrastructure, reliable environmental controls, and redundant power sources. So call us, and see for yourself that we are the future home for your new server.

Data Rack

Secure Colocation

Our secure data center and fiber optic network is the ultra-reliable foundation businesses need to increase performance and reliability to keep their business running strong.

Physical data security is the critical part of any data center facility. Our facility is accessible and monitored 24/7/365. All personnel, visitors, customers, and technicians must pass  clearance procedures to enter the facility. Learn More.

Standard Colocation

Standard Colocation allows organizations of all sizes to house their servers in a data center without the expense of building one themselves. Standard colocation includes power supply options, a range of network services, enhanced security and various cabinet options.

Tailored Colocation Service Plans

Colocation service plans are tailored to accommodate the needs of our customers. With a range of options in terms of cages and cabinets, additional services, power and support, we can help your organization create a plan that fits your individual requirements. This allows us to optimize services according to our customer’s needs and budget.


Power Redundancy and Cooling

A redundant transformer is fed by separate power substations and backed up with a self contained generator in an N+1 configuration. With multiple entry points across all network and electrical systems our facility has been engineered to stay online even through a major outage.

Your servers will run efficiently with In-row  water cooling. Our units are fed by forced chilled water. Learn More.

Carrier Neutral

AtlasCloud’s Network & Internet Services support basic layer one services such as physical cable all the way up to the more complicated layer three monitoring. Our carrier-neutral environment gives you a redundant connectivity source at any given time. We are fully equipped with the ability to scale to your growth and deliver superior performance. We offer a number of connectivity options purchasing a reliable mix of network providers from within our own network.

24/7/365 Pro-Active Monitoring and support

Network monitoring is the key to providing our customers with a stable environment to maintain and grow their business. We look at each customer’s network as being as important as our own. 24/7 network monitoring and our pro-active notification system plays a critical role in providing a secure and reliable environment for your critical data.

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