Managed Virtualization

What is Managed Virtualization?

Managed Virtualization allows us to increase the utilization of servers, which traditionally have run at a fraction of their capacity. By consolidating servers it’s possible for us to reduce your use of Data Center space, your energy consumption, your hardware costs, and even reduce the costs of maintenance personnel. In short, Managed Virtualization is a cost-effective solution to your server needs.

Migrate your existing VMWare application

Reduce your bottom line by migrating your existing VMware applications from your on-site servers to the fully-managed and secure AtlasCloud Data Center. You can choose whether to control your VMs yourself, or to let us manage them for you.


  • We provide VMWare Certified Professionals to help architect your complex virtualized environments.
  • 24/7 Support
  • 99.999% Uptimes and SLA Guarantees
  • We offer fully managed virtualization which includes the management, purchase, and renewal of all licenses and components.

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