Cloud Services

Colocation, Cloud Servers, Web Development, and more

Secure, scalable solutions for your business

Take your business to the next level: with AtlasCloud you can free up your on-site IT staff, protect your information, host your important applications and data, and develop your marketing and e-commerce sites. Whether it’s network security, disaster recovery, or day to day tasks such as antispam protection, AtlasCloud can solve common challenges for your business.


Dedicated Managed Server Solutions

Simplify and succeed with our huge selection of managed dedicated solutions that can be customized to fit the unique needs of your business. Your business receives custom-built dedicated servers (with no setup fee) and comprehensive managed hosting service plans, backed by optional support packages. Learn More


Managed Virtualization

Virtual servers and desktops from VMware. With Managed Virtualization services from AtlasCloud you can free up your IT resources and allow our VMware Certified Professionals to assist you. Learn More


Cloud Computing

AtlasCloud provides a variety of solutions to work with your business. With AtlasCloud you get the full benefits of our dedicated engineering teams to create a high-performing cloud solution tailored to your needs. Learn More

Did you know that if you outsource your IT Support to AtlasCloud you will potentially save thousands a year in IT expenditures?

An AtlasCloud managed network with our professional cloud services and support works out as far less costly than needlessly filling an in-house IT administrator’s plate with tasks that can be trusted to our specialists.

Cloud computing provides great security and great financial benefits to businesses. When you contract AtlasCloud you will pay a low monthly fee for the services you use. If you grow your business and take on more staff, we can tweak your plan to adjust for any new software licenses that may be required, all the while housing your important data in a building with better security than most businesses could afford on their own.

When you contract AtlasCloud you get the added benefits of experienced technical expertise, a secure remote location for your data, and improved networking, performance and overall support. All of this allows you to streamline your on-site staff and let them focus on more important core business processes in a more cost-effective manner.