Atlas Cloud Deploys Private Openstack Service – Market to reach $1.7bn by 2016

Posted By Atlas Cloud on Oct 7, 2014 |


Atlas Cloud launches Private Openstack Service

Atlas’s zero downtime, private cloud software takes your development team from zero to OpenStack in less than 15 minutes.

Companies building web, mobile, and big data applications use Atlas’Clouds Openstack to create secure and cost-effective AWS-like capabilities to bring new products to market faster.

Since its emergence, OpenStack has garnered a great deal of attention. This open source cloud computing project has seen increased momentum as more developers, vendors and end users have collaboratively built out OpenStack’s capabilities. Today, the project has evolved into a top priority for many IT professionals and suppliers. With an estimated market size of $1.7bn by 2016.

Atlas OpenStack provides the same ease of use and developer-centric features as AWS without the high price tag or security concerns. If your AWS bill has gone off the rails or public cloud isn’t a fit for your business’ regulated environment, then Atlas OpenStack is for you. Unlike traditional on-premise solutions, Atlas OpenStack is so easy to deploy and manage that you can build a complete app dev environment in a single day.

The OpenStack fraternity includes Akamai, AMD, Broadcom, Cisco Systems, CloudScaling, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, NTT, Rackspace, and Yahoo.

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